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Senior portraits are a BIG DEAL to me and I love to go all-out. I am intentional about giving them a one-on-one personal experience, getting to know them, making sure they're having a good time, and making sure the session is custom tailored to their personality. Northern Michigan is filled with incredible backdrops - sunset on the beach, ski hills, crisp fall leaves, orchards, and fields of sunflowers. Not to mention, our own cozy studio! I want to live vicariously through all of my seniors because it was one of the best times of my life! Call today to hear more details about our Senior Portrait collection.

friday night football games and bonfires, cram sessions, acts, and prom: the simple senior life

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Let me give you your picture perfect #SeniorSunday

I believe in
Friday senior
skip days

Create your own path and let my camera follow

Celebrate your next big adventure

It's all about you

model for a day, portraits for a lifetime

If Northern Michigan is known for one thing, it’s water! Beaches, marinas, speed boats, sand dunes, underwater - there's no place I won't go for the perfect shot.

PHOTOSHOOTS on this beach.
i love sunsets.

It's so important to me for you to be comfortable and relaxed during your session. That's why we always meet with you to get to know you better and build your perfect session.

Seniors with their 4 legged best friend

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